1. Supporting our Lobos

    I never went to a single Lobo game during my first year at UNM. I know, I know, I’m sorry. But, because of this, I started off my Sophomore year the right way: by going to not one, not two, but three Lobo games in the first few weeks of the semester.

    The first was a soccer exhibition game, or an “amistoso” as I’m used to calling them. There were a lot of families and cute little kids, a lot more…

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  2. An Animation Project

    So for one of my classes we are required to create animated storyboards. For this assignment we had to write a story with a fixed period of time that is stretched to make it a longer section.

  3. The best part of a big New Mexican dinner. Sopapillas. #UNMthepack

    The best part of a big New Mexican dinner. Sopapillas. #UNMthepack

  4. The sound of the bands warming up and people happily tailgating in South Lot. #UNMthepack

    The sound of the bands warming up and people happily tailgating in South Lot. #UNMthepack

  5. Why Is There Nobody Talking About Music!?!

    Why Is There Nobody Talking About Music!?!

    UNM MusicSo, here’s the thing…

    One thing I love about this campus and the fact that it’s an ‘open campus’ and that there are always artistic events going on. From 3D Chalk Drawing, Tai Chi, Wicked at the Popejoy, to Art Exhibits; UNM is filled with many activities to experience and be a part of!

    The most interesting thing to me is the amount music that I hear daily, in and around the Popejoy building. The…

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  6. International Student Festival in Trondheim

    International Student Festival in Trondheim

    Two years ago at this time, I applied to one of the most amazing events in the world. The event is called ISFIT which stands for “International Student Festival in Trondheim.” I still remember the day when I got selected among nearly 6,000 applicants to represent my country in Norway. In 2013, 450 students were selected among nearly 6,000 applicants. And now the application has opened again for…

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  7. 3D Chalk Art

    This week, on Tuesday and Wednesday, UNM had a super awesome guest come to our school. His name is Chris Carlson, he’s from Denver, and he is an amazing 3D chalk artist. Seriously, go Google him, find his website, and admire. In celebration of UNM’s 125th birthday, he came and did a piece by the Duck Pond, in front of the alumni clock. I was almost late meeting a friend for lunch because I got so…

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  8. flesh-andblood:

    Homecoming week. #unm (at The University of New Mexico - UNM)

  9. Homecoming King and Queen elections are in the @unmsub, we voted! Have you? #UNMHC14

  10. Short Film I made for class.

    I made a short video where we had to show time expansion for class. It’s called Apå.

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