Being a student my friends and I spend most of our times on campus all day working hard. I don’t know about you guys but I get really hungry after a day’s hard work. From Mexican cuisine to Italian, we can enjoy all kinds of food on campus. From the great chicken sandwiches at Chick Fil-A to the absolutely best burritos from Garcia’s Kitchen, we have every kind of food that we need at UNM. A Lobo…

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  2. mrblazzin420:

    #unm #abq #albuquerque #collage #campus

  3. ohiloveyourhair:

    Inside Dom 🆒 #unm #lobos (at University of New Mexico Football Stadium)

  4. The Path of Choice

    The Path of Choice

    One of life’s biggest downfalls is picking the most inconvenient times to make us choose between two very important parts of ourselves. Often times these choices include picking between our life long dreams and our immediate wants/desires. In many ways, these two things are interchangeable and one often builds upon the other, but I also feel that sometimes life makes us choose between the two to…

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  5. Events this Fall

    Looking to get involved or see something new this fall on campus?

    Check out this awesome resource online for all things going on at UNM…

    UNM Calendar of Events

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  6. New baby. #UNMthepack

    New baby. #UNMthepack

  7. Success vs. Failure

    Lately, in these past few weeks I have been thinking a lot about what it means to be successful. I have found that success is something very arbitrary in the sense that it has a different meaning for everyone and is based primarily on perspective. It’s funny to think that until this very summer, I have never thought of myself as successful, but merely taking stepping-stones toward ‘success’.…

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  8. Are you prepared, Lobos? #blakeslotaburger #505 #greenchilecheeseburger

  9. Weird Fact Wednesday (Lizard Edition)

    Weird Fact Wednesday (Lizard Edition)

    There are only two poisonous lizards in the entire world, the Gila Monster and the Mexican Beaded Lizard, both of which reside in the southwestern US and northern Mexico.

    Gila Monster photo courtesy of http://www.topofusion.com/diary/2012/03/19/oracle-to-superior-with-hermosa-tours/

    I was talking to my boyfriend last week and we got on the subject of Ecosystems.  I grew up just outside of Tucson,…

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  10. Seasonal Consumerism

    At my house, we’ve been wanting to get some patio furniture to enjoy these lovely warm mornings and sunsets.

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