Welcome Back Days III

  1. Get your green chile fix for free by the duck pond in a little over 30 minutes! Day 3 of Welcome Back Days is in full swing 🐾 (at Duck Pond at UNM)

    Welcome Back Days, Pt. II

  2. 5 Ways to Be Successful in an Online Course


    Welcome to Fall 2014, Lobos! Today’s post gives some great hints and tips for being successful in online courses! Take a look!

    Online courses aren’t always the easiest, but CAPS has some great tips to get you on through!

  3. Welcome Back Days is going on every day this week! Free food and music at the Duck Pond at noon through the end of the week! (at Duck Pond at UNM)

    Sights from the first day of classes here on Main Campus. Welcome back, Lobos!

  4. Learn about the CAPS Math & Science Program



    Strengthen your math and science skills.

    K:\0-Outreach & Advertising\CAPS Photos\Spring 2012\Zimm Drop in Photos 4-16\Zimm_drop-in_4.16.120958.JPG

    Struggling with algebra? Want to get that A+ in chemistry? Whatever your goal, CAPS Math & Science Tutoring Program can help you improve your performance in math and science courses. We offer free tutoring services with…

  5. It’s good to have you back, Lobos!

  6. Welcome Back, Lobos!


    Howdy Lobos! As we gear up for the fall semester, we thought we’d get some info together to help ease you into your year at UNM.

    Returning Lobos know that the first week of school is filled with events and activities to help kick the year off, but for those of you just joining us (freshmen and transfers) you have a lot to look forward to! 

    Our annual Welcome Back Days are filled with free food, swag, and information. Departments and organizations will be available to answer any questions you may have. The week’s events kick off with the annual Friday Night Live at the SUB from 8-11 p.m. Check out the Welcome Back Days list of events from Student Activities to keep up with the week’s events. 

    If you’re new to campus, volunteers from the Student Activities Center, Dean of Students Office and UNM Residence Life will be available to help during UNM’s Class Crawl, Sunday, Aug. 17th at 5 p.m. Bring a printout of your schedule to Cornell Mall near the SUB and volunteers will take you on a campus tour. After your tour head over to Johnson Field for popcorn and a movie

    Academic Help

    Academic achievement never comes easy, even to the most gifted of students. We all struggle from time to time, but luckily, there are many resources available to UNM students. The following resources can make the tough times a little easier.

    1. CAPS - Center for Academic Program Support

    UNM’s CAPS program is an invaluable resource that offers tutoring, proofreading, and other forms of academic support. Even if you’re doing well, CAPS can make sure you’re on the right track. They have open hours at their many locations. If you don’t have time to stop in, you can connect with them online at caps.unm.edu, Facebook, or Tumblr.

    2. University Student Success Center

    The University Student Success Center is here to help you get answers to many of your questions as you get settled on campus. Their job is to help you succeed during your time at UNM. You can find out more about the USSC at http://student.unm.edu/.

    3. Departmental Student Success Programs

    Depending on your program, your department may offer tutoring services of their own. The Language Learning Lab and the Math & Sciences Learning Center are two examples of such programs.

    4. Ethnic Student Service Centers

    UNM’s Ethnic Student Service Centers also provide academic advisement, mentoring, and tutoring support. You can find out more at their websites.


    5. UNM Libraries

    UNM’s libraries are more than just a good place to study. The library staff can often point you in the right direction and help you find the resources you need. For a list of libraries and their hours, check out http://library.unm.edu/about/hours.php.

    6. Classmates

    Often you will find that some of your fellow classmates might have a better grasp or more experience than you with a given subject. It is always a good idea to get the contact info of 2-3 classmates you can email or call during the semester. Organizing a study group with fellow students usually isn’t too difficult. You might even make a friend or two!

    7. Instructors

    One of the best resources available to you is right in front of you! Take advantage of office hours. If you can’t make them, many professors can arrange special times to meet with you. Building a good rapport with your professor can often help you throughout the rest of your time at UNM.

    Student Events and Student Groups


    There are so many events and activities going on at UNM it is often hard to keep up with all of them! A good way to keep track of what’s coming up is to bookmark the Student Activities Center website. They have a constantly updated list of all the activities hosted by SAC and other organizations at UNM.

    Another fun way to get involved is through student groups. There are student groups for a multitude of interests - from charity organizations and departmental clubs, to political organizations and even clubs for hobbies like juggling and anime. Student Activities provides a list of chartered students groups. If you don’t see an organization you’re interested in, start your own!

    Adding and Dropping Classes

    You can change sections, or add and drop classes without penalty until August 29th. To do this, visit Loboweb under the “Student Life” tab on my.unm.edu. Once on Loboweb click through to the Registration link under the “Student” tab to access your classes. Once you click “agree” to accept financial responsibility you can change your classes and sections. Remember, you can only join open sections so be sure the section you want is open before you drop a class.

    Academic Advisement

    Your academic advisor can be one of your best advocates if you’re having trouble in class. If you haven’t connected with your advisor yet, you can check out Lobo Achieve to get their name and schedule an appointment with them. You can access Lobo Achieve through MyUNM, or at http://loboachieve.unm.edu.

    What’s New on Campus


    Over the summer several projects were undertaken to improve your experience here at UNM.

    • Hokona Hall received a facelift and rooms in the hall were furnished with LED fixtures for better lighting with lower electricity usage.

    • La Posada, the dining hall on main campus, has received a renovation and had its grand re-opening on August 12th in conjunction with Operation Lobo Move-In.

    • Lower Johnson Field received two new volleyball courts and two new basketball courts as well as new landscaping. The newly renovated rec area is set to open in early September.

    • Finally, the rumors are true, Blake’s Lotaburger opened in the SUB over the summer. Now one of the finest green chile cheeseburgers in the state joins Sahara, Satellite, Chick-Fil-A, Garcia’s Kitchen, Saggio’s, Satellite, Times Square Deli Express, Mandalay Express and the Mercado Corner Store for your convenience on Main Campus.

    • Work on the new Zimmerman Library Learning Commons is currently finishing up, and the new center should be open to students early in the fall semester.

  7. unmhealthsciencescenter:

    “Fifty short years ago, UNM President Tom Popejoy and leaders of the New Mexico Medical Society joined with the university regents and members of the New Mexico Legislature to make the dream of a medical school into a reality.” ~ Dr. Paul Roth, UNM chancellor for health sciences and School of Medicine dean.

    Be sure to watch the full UNM School of Medicine story at http://som.unm.edu/ and learn how you can be part of the 50th celebration.

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