1. FISH TACOS! …and I don’t even like fish

    FISH TACOS! …and I don’t even like fish

    It’s time for my second of many restaurant reviews. I love food so I’m going to do this a lot. Sharky’s is the topic today. A Baja Mexican restaurant in the South Valley of ABQ.

    You pull in to Sharky’s, and it’s an interesting set up to say the least. They have a big wall sign facing the road, you order at a window and there’s no inside seating. What they lack with no inside is more than made up…

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  2. Red Rally is tomorrow night, just in time to get you Lobos fired up for the big game this weekend in Las Cruces. In the spirit of this fiery tradition, we are giving away 5 Lobo Louie bobbleheads in our second annual Instagram Red Rally Giveaway! Just complete the following steps:
    1. Tag your photos from tomorrow night’s rally with #redrally on Instagram,
    2. Follow UNM’s Instagram @UofNM
    3. Get entered for your chance to win!
    Winners will be announced on Friday. #GoLobos!

    #unm #abq

  3. unmlobolife:

    That early morning rain #nofilter #unm

  4. Take the Shortcut: Keyboard Shortcuts for Language


    by Rosa C. Reyes, Student Manager for Cultural Diversity and Spanish Tutor

    There is one thing I strongly dislike about typing in languages other than English…diacritical marks (accents, cedilla, circumflex, etc.). The solution would be the invention of a machine that included a key for every…

  5. A new adventure

    My whole entire life, the extent of my musical diversity varied between musical theatre and classical choral music. Occasionally, I would sing random songs in the community, but rarely was it anything relatable to making my own music.

    However, as of recently, something so exciting and new happened! I was offered to be in a band for the upcoming year and for the first time ever, I feel that I can…

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  6. Go green and get free parking!

    Go green and get free parking!

    A few weeks ago, with a little help from my friends, I discovered that there is such a thing as free parking around campus (yes, including weekdays before 6pm). If your car is considered “eco-friendly” by the EPA’s Green Vehicle Guide then you might qualify to enjoy this rarity. Of course, there are regulations with which you must be careful, but hey free parking around the city’s meters is…

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  7. Dancing in the rain. YAY! #UNMthepack

    Dancing in the rain. YAY! #UNMthepack

  8. Be good to each other out there, Lobos!

  9. bigbad-lobo:

    You can just slightly make out the rainbow. #unm #albuquerque #rain #rainbow

  10. Celebrating Our Own: Hispanic Heritage Month


    by Rosa C. Reyes, Student Manager for Cultural Diversity and Spanish Tutor


    Today is the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, a month in which we celebrate and commemorate Hispanic heritage and contributions to the United States. Our Hispanic population has immensely contributed in different…

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