1. So that storm yesterday got a little out of hand…

  2. The UNM Student Activities Center has put together this great calendar of events during the first few weeks of school, check it out!

  3. peanutbutterpandapuffsss:

    Officially oriented. 💯🐾 #Lobos #UNM #ClassOf2018

    Welcome to UNM!

  4. The water feature west of the #duckpond is always a nice place to relax and clear the mind. #TranquilTuesday #unm

  5. So who can guess where this picture was taken?

  6. (Source: gummibearzombies)

  7. lalunalures:

    Thanks for the memories, University of New Mexico! 🐾 What a beautiful campus. I’ll miss it and my new friends. #LastDayOfSummerClasses #AlumniMemorialChapel #UNM

  8. I, for one, welcome our new burger overlords.

  9. There’s less than a month left before school starts, but it’s not too late to get those advisement holds lifted and sign up for classes! #UNM (at Mesa Vista Hall, UNM)

  10. Fun for kids (adult-friendly)

    Now that I am babysitting a few kids this summer, I’ve realized just how hard it is to keep them distracted and entertained. People’s usual approaches start with “Here, just play with my phone/tablet/computer/TV.” But it’s extremely difficult to get kids off of a screen, so that option doesn’t quite work for me.

    Sometimes it is too hot to go to the park or the zoo and other indoor places don’t…

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