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    Ice Patch Surveys:

    Dixon ventures to the top of the world in search of artifacts

    Ancient ice now melting for the first time says UNM anthropologist

    By Karen Wentworth — April 03, 2014

    James  DixonUNM Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology James Dixon spends part of his summer each year researching ancient ice.

    The research is difficult and the conditions are uncomfortable, but the results are amazing. Artifacts last seen and used by humans hundreds or thousands of years ago are appearing in the mud and water of melting glaciers in the northernmost reaches of the North America continent.  That’s where University of New Mexico Professor of Anthropology and Director of the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology James Dixon spends part of each summer.

    “Ancient ice is melting for the first time and dating the artifacts allows us to determine the age of the melting,” Dixon said. “This research brings home the reality of global warming. All of the ancient ice has disappeared from several of the ice patches I surveyed a decade ago.”

    Dixon began working in Alaska in 2000. He kept hearing about discoveries made in Canada in the late 1990’s. With the help of grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Park Service, he began to search. Every summer, Dixon and his graduate students spend weeks exploring in the mud at the edge of the ice patches.

    The rewards come slowly. “Ice patches and glaciers containing artifacts are rare,” Dixon said. “We surveyed more than 250 glaciers and ice patches in several different regions of Alaska over many years. Artifacts have been found at nine or ten of these sites. This suggests that less than five percent of ice patches preserve evidence of former human use.”

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  2. How to Ace a Skype Interview


    By Gregory Montoya-Mora, CAPS Online Tutor

    image May will soon be upon us; final exams, graduation, summer plans, and the perennial favorite—seeking employment. Be it the search for a temporary summer position or the career of a lifetime, doubtless an interview will be involved. In our…

    Here’s some great tips from the crew at CAPS at how to nail those suddenly ubiquitous Skype interviews!

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    “She’s such an uplifting person. She doesn’t make me feel stressed when I come for an appointment. She helps me stay happy and excited about life.”

    Tange, UNM patient, talking about her visits with Dr. Nancy Sokkary, UNM pediatric and adolescent gynecologist. Blog post from Dr. Sokkary coming soon! 

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    God I love this place.
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    "Fake" Sale by @bound_mag

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    Happy Birthday UNM!
    Go Lobos!

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